The new pipeline will transport gasoline, diesel and jet fuel from Durban to the Gauteng province, South Africa’s industrial and business center. The purpose of the new multiproduct pipeline project (NMPP) is to meet the growing fuel demand of the Gauteng region. The total value of the order for Siemens is approximately E40 million.

The NMPP is expected to become operational in 2010. Siemens’s scope of supply includes a supervisory control and data acquisition system, telecoms, automation, a management information system and security systems.

The technology Siemens is expected to supply to the NMPP project is based on the company’s pipeline portfolio which offers a range of products for efficient pipeline monitoring and control from a single source.

The project encompasses a master control center with a backup control center, automation solutions for pumping stations, intake and delivery stations with accumulation tank facilities and block valve stations.

Donald Weir, CEO of the Siemens oil and gas solutions business unit, said: Our solution will enable Transnet to reduce its life-cycle costs, provide maximum security for its infrastructure and, above all, optimize pipeline operations. This will enable us to support South Africa in establishing new infrastructure to meet its growing fuel demand.