For the ‘Inter Island Connector Pole 3′ HVDC transmission project, Siemens will supply two turnkey converter stations and replace the aging converters with advanced technology. The investment volume for the overall project is EUR327m. Siemens’ share accounts for approximately half.

The aim is to raise the capacity of the existing HVDC system in increments over the next few years from 700MW to 1400MW. This is intended to ensure reliable power supply with minimal losses and to further stabilize New Zealand’s grid. Siemens is expected to complete modernization and expansion of the HVDC system by late 2013.

Udo Niehage, CEO of power transmission division at Siemens Energy, said: “With our HVDC transmission technology based on innovative power electronics we’ll not only enhance the reliability and stability of New Zealand’s power supply network but also increase grid intelligence – right in line with a smart grid.

“The low-loss transmission of large quantities of electrical energy over long distances will in the future increasingly gain in importance, for example for the energy-efficient transport of solar power to Europe from the desert, as is the case with the desertec project. Innovative HVDC transmission technology is the only solution here.”

Energy-efficient HVDC transmission systems for low-loss transmission of large quantities of power over long distances are part of Siemens environmental portfolio.