Siemens Energy has launched its new product line of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations with residential, public and commercial applications, including integration into the smart grid, available in wall-mountable, community multi-level and community multi-level II models.

The 7.2kW single-output wall-mountable charging station is designed for residential applications, while public outdoor charging stations is available in single level II and multi-level designs that has dual output configuration to deliver level I and level II charging simultaneously.

Siemens’ EV charging stations will offer Coulomb Technologies’ ChargePoint Network that is accessible to all EV drivers on 24/7 basis, provides information on location and availability of charging station via smart phone or Google Maps and assists in EV trip mapping.

In addition, the ChargePoint Network will provide Siemens charging station owners remote management, flexible billing, fleet management, maintenance and other on-demand software applications.

Each charging unit is equipped with an ANSI C12 communications compliant meter that incorporates connectivity options to integrate into the rapidly evolving smart grid and interface with all new automotive OEM plug-in hybrid EVs and battery EVs coming to market.

Siemens Energy president of smart grid applications Paul Camuti said that Siemens is particularly well positioned to help users, cities and utilities integrate EVs due to their extensive portfolio of products, services and solutions along the entire energy conversion chain.