Siemens has received an order to supply two mobile substations to the National Grid SA, the transmission operator of Saudi Electricity Company in Saudi Arabia.

Taking into account unique specifications given by the National Grid, the German engineering company has integrated existing and innovative mobile substations modules for the two 380kV mobile substations. The high-voltage substations are expected to work at any network area of the kingdom.

With each having a rating of 502 megavolt amperes (MVA), the substations are built in a single feeder configuration. Mounted on a special trailer, the mobile substations offer easy transportation.

Each of the substations has three single-phase autotransformers with a rated capacity of 167.3MVA.

Siemens said that the substations’ installation and connection time is less than one week, due to the presence of built-in rotating air bushings. They also provide emergency power restoration or fast-track grid connection.

According to the company, the substations are fully preconfigured and tested for plug and play so that they can be connected to the grid by overhead line or insulated cables.

To offer a complete substation, the company's modules come with all the necessary components such as power transformers, GIS switchgears, MV/HV cable drums, protection and control systems, and auxiliary power supplies.

National Grid SA Vice President and maintenance business line head Ali S. Al-Rammah said: "The National Grid SA-Specified mobile substations configuration jointly customized with Siemens, will allow us to bypass any 380 kV substation in the event of failure or major maintenance work.

"They can also be used as fast-track solutions to connect a new plant to the grid. It has been essential to develop a customized technical specification for us to have a plug-and-play solution that we could quickly mobilize and install on our own. It will significantly improve the 380-kV and 132-kV grid resiliency that are the backbone of our power transmission infrastructure."

Image: Siemens to supply high-voltage mobile substations in Saudi Arabia. Photo: Courtesy of Siemens AG.