Siemens Energy has secured a contract to supply seven SWT-3.0-113 direct-drive wind turbines for the Holzacker-Knorburg community wind power plant in Germany.


The 21MW facility, which will be built between municipalities of Enge-Sande and Stadum in region of Schleswig-Holstein, is claimed to be one of the most modern wind power plants in northern Germany.

The wind power plant, which will extract energy at high efficiency even at low and medium wind speeds, features turbines with a rotor diameter of 113m and a hub height of 92.5m.

Siemens plans to start delivery and installation of the wind turbines in early summer 2014.

The company will provide long-term service program that includes an extended warranty on all major components, for the following 20 years.

Bürger-Windpark Holzacker-Knorburg Ralf Nissen said the Siemens offers a very well-rounded package comprising optimized turbine design, proven reliability and clearly defined calculation of operating costs.

"We and our regional project planner ee-Nord GmbH are convinced that Siemens’ turbines are the right choice because their modern technology gives us the necessary reserves for our planning," Nissen added.

Image: Siemens to supply seven SWT-3.0-113 wind turbines for wind power plant in Germany. Photo: Courtesy of Siemens.