Summit Power is the managing member of White Creek wind project and asset manager of Harvest wind project.

Under terms of the agreements, Siemens will provide service and maintenance for 43 SWT-2.3-93 turbines operating at the Harvest wind project and for 89 SWT-2.3-93 units operating White Creek Wind project.

The two projects are located near Roosevelt, Washington.

Siemens has been servicing the turbines at White Creek since 2007 and for Harvest Wind since 2009.

Siemens Power Generation Services president and CEO Randy Zwirn said: "As the wind energy industry in the U.S. continues to mature, it’s important that we work closely with our customers to help maintain the continued reliability, availability and economic efficiency of their units over the long term.

"With our significant focus on R&D as well as advancing technologies, such as remote diagnostics and data analytics, we can gain valuable insights that can help contribute to our customers’ long-term success.

"We look forward to continuing our service operations at White Creek and Harvest Wind for many years to come."

Currently, Siemens provides service and maintenance for more than 3,100 installed wind turbines in the Americas region and more than 7,600 globally, with a combined generating capacity of approximately 18GW.