Siemens’ first three 60-inch diameter pumps are located at the Woodland plant’s main inlet structure at the wastewater treatment plant and are used to lift plant flow up to the wastewater plant influent structure, while other two 48-inch diameter pumps are used to transfer the RAS back into the system.

The turnkey operation is valued at over $1m, with Siemens providing equipment and installation.

The pumps replaced their more than 25-year-old carbon steel predecessors, and the new pumps’ stainless steel design is expected to be more corrosion-resistant, thus increasing expected equipment longevity.

The Internalift pump’s simple, totally enclosed cylinder design improves efficiency and safety, is more environmentally attractive, and confines odors and splashing when compared to external flight pump designs.

The Internalift pump design offers ease of maintenance, prolonged bearing life and ability to lubricate critical components while the pumps are in use.