Siemens has announced the availability of its SWT-2.3-101 wind turbine which has been designed for sites with low to medium wind speeds. With a rotor diameter of 101 m, the new machine is claimed to provide more power at lower wind speeds, significantly increasing the potential return on investment of wind farms. The turbine is available and ready for delivery.

This market segment is expected to grow substantially, the low-wind market alone being expected to represent one third of the total wind market in the coming years. “The new SWT-2.3-101 wind turbine completes our 2.3 MW class product family. We are confident that the new machine will set the industry standard for quality and reliability in low to medium wind markets,” said Andreas Nauen, CEO of the Siemens Wind Power Business Unit. “The new wind turbine will open up a range of potential new sites for our customers, as they can now generate higher returns in the increasingly important low-wind market segment.”

The machine will be equipped with Siemens’ new 49 m rotor blades giving a swept area of 8000 sq m, and produced using the proprietary IntegralBlade manufacturing process, which casts blades in one piece in a closed process. This eliminates any weaknesses from the glue processes used in the manufacturing of conventional laminated blades.

Turbine design is based on the widely deployed and proven 2.3 MW family whose rugged structural design, combined with automatic lubrication systems, internal climate control and a simple generator system without slip rings, contributes to providing exceptional reliability. The machine is designed for long service intervals to reduce servicing and maintenance costs.

Forecasts suggest that sites with low to medium wind speeds will continue to be the major source of growth within the wind industry. Being able to generate more power with less wind creates new opportunities for energy suppliers and allows greater flexibility when choosing locations for their wind projects.