"We see the need for smarter use of data to help inform cities as they make sustained and targeted investments in order to improve city infrastructure," said Siemens USA President and CEO Eric Spiegel. "Our City Performance Tool allows city managers and planners a unique view of their city’s impact and helps identify the areas of greatest need and effectiveness for better resource allocation."

Already, a growing list of North American cities are implementing the City Performance Tool to develop data-driven infrastructure decision-making, plans and programs as part of their broader sustainability initiatives. The tool is designed to reduce environmental impact of everyday activities, evaluate job creation in installing, operating, and maintaining city solutions. Other cities currently testing or using the tool include New Bedford, MA; Riverside, CA; Minneapolis, MN; San Francisco, CA and Mexico City, Mexico.

The tool offers city managers and planners a unique look at their city infrastructure and can be used in a variety of different decision-making scenarios. It can measure and compare technologies that provide win-win solutions for unique urban challenges, and works on pre-existing infrastructure.

For example, the City of Riverside, CA has begun implementing the City Performance Tool, analyzing infrastructure investments based on growth and sustainability targets. The software provides extensive insight into what improvements can have the greatest impact on a city’s goals. Rusty Bailey, the Mayor of Riverside, CA, says the performance tool "helps us make better decisions."