For the order, Siemens Gamesa will supply G114-2MW turbines for the wind farm which will be located near the Xilinhot complex in Inner Mongolia.

The company stated that the supply and installation of the turbines is expected to begin in the second half of next year and the wind farm will be commissioned by the end of next year.

As part of the project, Siemens Gamesa will also provide long term operations and maintenance services.

Siemens Gamesa Asia Pacific CEO Álvaro Bilbao said: “With this significant order, the company has achieved a new milestone in its strategy in China where it has already installed over 4.6 GW.”

In late July, the Spanish turbine-maker received an order to supply 36 turbines for a 76MW wind farm in Mexico. As per the order, the company will be supplying G114-2.1MW turbines to the Tizimín wind farm, which will located in the state of Yucatán.

The wind farm is expected to be commissioned next year. The purchase order also includes a 5 year operations and maintenance of the turbines. As per Siemens Gamesa, this is the first order for a wind farm in Mexico.

In the same month, the company also received an order to supply 36 of its turbines for an 118MW in Turkey. For the two Turkish wind farms, the company will supply the new 3.3MW platform. These two wind farms include the 66MW Baglar wind farm and the 52MW Ardicli wind farm. Both these wind farms will be located in Konya.