As per the contract, Siemens Energy will supply two power islands for the 829MW plant including long-term maintenance service for the main components.

Each power island consists of one SGT6-8000H gas turbine, one SST6-900 steam turbine, one water-cooled SGen-2000H generator and one heat recovery steam generator, along with the overall electrical system and the SPPA-T3000 I&C system.

The project that is based on Marcellus gas field will have two power plant units and will be erected as single-shaft configurations, each with an H-class gas turbine as the main component.

Gemma-Lane will erect the entire power plant, which is set to commission in 2016.

Siemens Energy Fossil Power Generation division CEO Roland Fischer said, "The United States is now the leading purchaser of Siemens’ H-class gas turbines – with almost half of all orders globally. This demonstrates how truly dynamic the market for gas-fired power plants is."

Panda Power Funds president and senior partner Todd W. Carter said, "Siemens continues to provide us with precise solutions for our power generation projects. Due to its high efficiency, it will also be very economical to operate. These are critical features as we provide electricity for Pennsylvanians for decades to come."