German companies Siemens and E.On say they have taken an important step in the evolution of wind power by signing a framework agreement to collaborate on the development and supply of wind turbines for projects in European and the USA.

The agreement has been hailed as one of the largest ever wind power deals and involves the supply by Siemens of 500 wind turbines for E.On projects. The companies also say they will work together to improve the reliability and performance of wind turbines.

“This agreement with E.ON is the largest single wind power deal Siemens has ever signed in its history,” said René Umlauft, CEO of the Renewable Energy Division within the Siemens Energy Sector. “The new partnership between E.On and Siemens is not only to the great benefit of the two companies. The cooperation also marks an important step in the remarkable evolution of wind power as a mainstream energy source.”

“This agreement represents a major milestone in the supply chain strategy for E.ON’s Renewables Business,” said Dr Frank Mastiaux, CEO of E.On Climate and Renewables. “This makes a significant step in the industry’s journey from boutique to industrialization.”

Under the agreement, Siemens will supply 500 of its 2.3 MW wind turbines for delivery in 2010 and 2011. The machines will have a variety of tower heights and rotor diameters.

E.ON will place individual orders with Siemens for each project, but expects to reserve 600 MW of capacity for US projects and 550 MW for European projects.