South east China has seen a new 500 kV HVDC link commissioned by Siemens Power Transmission & Distribution. The Gui-Guang high-voltage direct-current transmission link is a 940 km long overhead cable between Guizhou and Guangdong. The system is now transmitting 3000 MW of electricity from the west of China to the up-and-coming economic zone centred on Guangzhou and Shenzhen in the southeast of the country. The $350 million order from the State Power Corporation of China was placed back in October 2001 and included the construction of the two HVDC converter stations, one in Anshun in the province of Guizhou and one in Zhaoqing in the province of Guangdong, about 200 km from Hong Kong. Gui-Guang is Siemens’ third HVDC transmission project in China. The first was the Ge-Sha link between Gezhouba and Shanghai (1200 MW over 1040 km) while the second was the Tian-Guang line between Tianshengqiao in the southeast of the country and Guangzhou (1800 MW over 960 km).