The vessel, which is currently under construction, will be used for maintenance and service work across Siemens Northern European offshore wind turbine fleet.

The vessel is due for operations in Siemens offshore wind projects in 2016.

Wind Server is purpose-built for maintenance and service operations with smaller dimensions that are better suited for flexible and fast work in the installed base of over 1200 Siemens offshore wind turbines.

Siemens said the three-year charter would reduce the lead time needed to mobilise and secure a fast response to an unscheduled exchange of large components in offshore wind turbines.

The company noted that the deal represents a new approach to offshore wind service and maintenance, as it allows it to keep the vessel ready for fast mobilisation, which will reduce the required lead time for projects.

Siemens said, "With efficient asset utilization and synergies from shared logistics between offshore wind power projects the new vessel will also reduce the levelized cost of energy (LCoE)."

Image: The offshore jack-up vessel, Wind Server, chartered by Siemens. Photo: Courtesy of Siemens AG.