Siemens Infrastructure & Cities division has acquired Australia’s Kaon Holdings Pty Ltd, headquartered in Brisbane, Queensland. Together with its subsidiaries Kaon Electric Pty Ltd and Kaon Consulting Pty Ltd, the company develops and sells products for energy distribution via medium-voltage overhead lines. The acquisition expands Siemens’ business in overhead lines. “We plan to develop Kaon’s innovative products further, sell them worldwide by utilising our global sales presence, and thus tap new markets,” said Stephan May, CEO Medium Voltage of the Siemens Infrastructure & Cities sector. The parties have agreed to keep the purchase price confidential. Siemens will take over and continue to sell all Kaon’s existing products.

The Kaon Group’s Australian companies develop products for operating and protecting medum voltage grids, such as the new ultra fast FuseSaver vacuum switch, which promotes greater reliability and availability. Siemens intends to establish a centre of competence in Australia for medium-voltage products, and will continue to pursue Kaon’s research and development work.