Russia’s West Siberian Generating Company plans to invest about eight billion rubles ($258 million) in the construction of eight mini-hydroelectric power plants in the Siberian Altai region and launch the first one before 2015, the group’s chairman Nodirbek Dzhurayev announced recently.

“West Siberian Generating Company is experienced in building such plants. We are now building three hydro-electric power plants in Uzbekistan, upgrading the Iksinskoye power plant in the Tomsk region. The company’s orders portfolio amounts to about 35 billion rubles,” he is reported to have told a local government meeting.

Altai deputy governor Vitaly Ryapolov said “We are now developing several projects, and there are also project preparations for the construction of a condensing power plant on the Munaiskoye coal deposit to increase power security of the Altai territory. Alternative energy sources are being created, several wind and hydropower objects are being designed.”