Shrink Solar claims that its fifth generation solar concentrator has achieved higher efficiencies than previous generations of energy producing cells. This design also incorporates additional structures and circuit design to bolster efficiency.

The company believes that as this technology continues to evolve and ultimately is optimized, it will be form fit into existing silicon PV systems for windows, roofing, consumer products and other solar applications.

Shrink Solar’s patent-pending fifth generation nano-based technology filters out wavelengths currently not absorbed by silicon and re-emits them into a device by concentrating light, all without the need for a tracking device, mirror or lens. Shrink Solar has demonstrated this proof-of-concept in an initial solar window prototype device.

Mark Baum, CEO of Shrink Nanotechnologies, said: ”Our fifth generation solar window prototype delivers the necessary proof-of-concept to attract larger, international players in the solar energy sector and ultimately provide the resources to continue to optimize this technology for commercial applications.

”Because our solar concentrator technologies are easily upgradable and can be designed to be integrated into existing solar installations, existing silicon PV manufacturers as well as window manufacturers are key potential commercial partners.”