Shell Oil Products US has launched a new credit card incentive campaign designed to raise awareness among consumers about the benefits of using the Shell Platinum MasterCard.

Shell claims that the card is now more attractive than ever before, just in time for the holiday season. New cardholders will get the chance to collect even more rebates towards Shell petrol, simply by using the card everywhere that they shop.

Shell said that to emphasize the value of using the card everywhere, customers who open a new Shell Platinum MasterCard account between the beginning of October and December 31, 2007, will earn 5% rebates on all Shell petrol purchases, as well as 5% rebates for 60 days on the first $2,000 in purchases made everywhere else that they use their card.

At the end of the 60-day period, cardholders will continue to earn 5% on Shell petrol purchases and 1% rebates on purchases made everywhere else.

Elizabeth Hudson, manager of the Shell MasterCard program, said: You can only fill up your tank so many times a month to earn the 5% rebates on Shell gasoline. However, with 1% rebates on other purchases, you earn additional rebates toward Shell gasoline when you use your card for purchases everywhere else.