Shaw will begin providing services with the two new AP1000 units at the Xianning nuclear power plant project in Hubei province

The technical support services include engineering and design management, project controls, quality assurance, construction management and project management, as well as health, safety and environmental management.

In April 2009, Shaw had signed a strategic cooperation agreement with SNPTC to support China’s growing nuclear power infrastructure.

China currently has 12 nuclear power plants that generate 10GW of power and plans to construct 30 new reactors by 2020 that will result in the production of at least 40GW of nuclear power.

Shaw, along with its consortium team member Westinghouse, currently has a contract with SNPTC and other Chinese organizations to provide engineering, procurement, commissioning and startup, information management system and project management services for four AP1000 nuclear power plants.

The four AP1000 nuclear power plants are being built in Sanmen, Zhejiang province and in Haiyang, Shandong province.