Users can accurately find the dollar savings of SmartStorage projects that are combined with a solar system or as a standalone system.

Sharp said its proposals with Energy Toolbase analyze raw interval data and utility rate schedule to generate a correct model of kW demand reduction from a SmartStorage installation.

The database of Energy Toolbase tracks rates and incentives in over 30 states and 130 utility territories to allow data-rich proposals for SmartStorage installations.

The integration will allow a developer to instantly and transparently analyze the projects’ economics, using both Sharp SmartStorage hardware and software control strategies.

Sharp director of sales in energy systems and services group Kirk Stokes said: "Energy Toolbase allows Sharp’s project allies to quickly generate proposals that accurately and professionally depict the savings benefits the SmartStorage system will deliver to their customer’s facility.

"Energy Toolbase’s automation allows for immediate customer specific proposal generation without significant overhead, complexity or commitment of valuable man hours."

Sharp’s SmartStorage energy storage system is designed to reduce peak electricity use of commercial and industrial buildings.