Switzerland-based inspection, verification, testing and certification company, SGS, has announced that it has been selected by a petrochemical company to provide welding and crane fabrication inspections in Australia and Malaysia.

The project sites are located in Sydney and Kuala Lumpur.

Under the 12-month long contract, the company will perform quality assurance and quality control fabrication inspections on heavy duty cranes to be used in shipbuilding yards in Korea.

SGS team will carry out accurate inspections to identify, analyze and eliminate obsolete and failed welds to assure safety of heavy duty cranes, in accordance with both Australian and Malaysia standards, regulations, and engineering practices.

The company will use a range of testing methods to pinpoint discontinuities in welds and recommend solutions.

The equipment maintenance and availability will maximize uptime, whereas the scheduled outages will reduce operational costs.

In addition, SGS will perform brake checking, clutches, sheaves and wire rope assemblies, conduct design studies, review calculations, and execute dynamic and static load testing and inspect all structural load bearing members.

SGS team will also examine crane girders, rails and overhead crane columns to assure structural integrity and line level and span crane gantry will be surveyed.

It will also conduct non-destructive testing on load hooks to look for cracks and visual inspection to find distortions.