Bunge, a company engaged in oilseed processing, joins a team of partners, including Flint Hills Resources, a refining and petrochemical company, Life Technologies, a biotechnology tools company, and others that are collaborating with SG Biofuels to develop Jatropha as a viable source for cost-effective, sustainable crude plant oil.

SG Biofuels CEO Kirk Haney said that the development of a successful market for Jatropha requires that all aspects of the value chain are met, from crop science and proper agronomics all the way through processing and refining.

"Bunge, together with Life Technologies and Flint Hills Resources, provides a fully integrated platform from which our customers can develop, produce and profit from large volumes of crude Jatropha oil," Haney said.

Jatropha curcas is a non-edible shrub native to Central America and its seeds have high oil content, and can be processed to produce a high-quality energy feedstock.