With SFCE’s clean energy applications, French Polynesia will be the first country in the South Pacific Region to demonstrate the move towards a clean energy future, by establishing itself as a low-carbon, green island.

"We are very excited to announce the cooperative clean energy agreement between SFCE and the French Polynesian government. French Polynesia has a very important ecosystem that needs to be preserved. We look forward to supporting the country’s move towards sustainable development and growth," said Eric Luo, CEO of SFCE. "By promoting comprehensive, low-carbon, energy-saving solutions for large-scale public facilities, SFCE will be able to speed up the adoption of an accessible and affordable clean energy infrastructure. French Polynesia’s diverse topography is perfect for the application of our clean energy solutions."

In order to build a sustainable environment for the people of French Polynesia, SFCE and the French Polynesian government have agreed to cooperatively construct a series of solar photovoltaic power stations. SFCE will also deploy its integrated solutions for many large-scale public buildings that include hospitals, schools, and hotels. These solutions provide energy generation and management systems, energy storage, LED lighting, ground source heat pump systems, as well as ion air battery technology and electric vehicles.

SFCE will be featuring many of its complementary clean energy solutions this week at Intersolar Europe in Munich, from June 10th to 12th. In addition to its low-carbon integrated solutions, such as those being deployed in Polynesia, SFCE will also be showcasing its portfolio of total solar solutions, which include its most advanced PV solar modules, as well as EPC and O&M services. SFCE and its subsidiaries, who support SFCE’s solar enterprises, including Suntech and SAG Solar, will be exhibiting at booth number A1.160.