A strategic cooperation agreement to this effect has been signed between the two companies.

The services to be provided under the agreement include fighting against carbon emissions, offer clean energy, which involves PV, energy storage, energy management, low-carbon energy saving solutions and hi-tech as well as strengthening their partnership.

SFCE executive director and CEO Eric Luo said: "Through strategic acquisitions and integration, SFCE is driving a business transition towards energy as a service, including clean energy production, as well as energy storage and management.

"SFCE is committed to become the largest provider of integrated clean energy solutions, with best in class technology in PV manufacturing, PV power generation, EPC and O&M, as well as low-carbon energy saving solutions, that delivers energy and cost savings solutions to our customers and makes clean energy affordable and accessible.

"The strategic partnership will enhance the advantages possessed by both parties in the clean energy sector, allowing complementary efforts and achieving a win-win, exploration and promotion of clean energy technology and applications."

Earlier in May this year, SFCE signed another strategic cooperation contract with the municipal government of Luoyang, Henan province, China.

Under the agreement, both the parties expect to cooperate in undertaking different low-carbon, energy-saving projects in several sectors including industrial, commercial, residential and transport.

CGN European Energy CEO Lu Wei said: "Against the backdrop of changes in the global energy landscape, China General Nuclear is fully implementing the national strategy of ‘Go Global.

"Besides nuclear energy, we are actively involved overseas in clean energy, including mergers and acquisitions, development and construction, as well as O&M and asset management in renewable energy projects, including wind power and solar energy.

"The cooperation is mutually beneficial, fully leveraging our capital, as well as our market and technology advantages in the clean energy sector. It is aimed at promoting large-scale clean energy applications in regions such as Europe, and facilitates the rapid development of clean energy around the world."

China’s state-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission manages China General Nuclear Power Group.