Siemens KWU has announced that it will commence operations of its central Karlsruhe I&C service subdivision from 1st October, 1999.

Lambert Schuster, head of the Instrumentation & Control, Service subdivision, said that it was his goal to reduce maintenance costs for power producers. “In a deregulated power market, only those producers who cut costs continually will survive. We are totally committed to saving the customer maintenance costs, and to be cheaper to the customer than performing the service in house.”

Through the remote monitoring of power plants, all plant information is made available to service experts based in the Karlsruhe office, enabling them to provide a rapid response. A response time of less than 2 hours from central service is guaranteed. ISDN or satellite communication links provide all the data available on site to the central service office. Fault rectification can be via software being transmitted directly from Karlruhe to the plant in question, or through instructions to a local expert.

Various service level packages are available, including spare parts service, remote support, inspection and maintenance, and repair.