Serefex has begun marketing a line of exterior photocatalyst nanotechnology through its master distribution agreement with Triton Technology Group.

Serefex’s agreement with Triton provides it with a product line of technological solutions designed to restore and maintain a building’s healthy environment.

Serefex president and CEO Brian Dunn said Tritons products through its self-cleaning photocatalyst technology, utilizes the sun’s ultra violet rays to prevent the growth of algae, mold, and bacteria on the building roof, sides and the surrounding exterior.

"It also breaks down new deposits of grease, oil, grime, bacteria, algae, and other harmful deposits. These solutions will not yellow over time and maintains the surface’s original color," Dunn said.

"Triton’s products, in combination with the sun’s UV rays prevents a white roof from losing its reflectivity, which in turn maximizes the roof’s energy savings capabilities."

Triton is engaged in proactive infection control solutions in Rochester Hills in the US state of Michigan.