Salt Springs sequence of events

1. September 2001 CARPI visited the site to prepare price estimates for geomembrane installation
2. December 2003 PG&E submitted project applications to CA DSOD
3. December 2003 PG&E issued a purchase order to Carpi for shipment costs of material
4. January 2004 PG&E issued a contract for US$4,622,674 to Carpi
5. February 2004 Carpi started installation of Phase1 (Figure 3)
6. February 2004 PG&E issued a contract to Gannett Fleming for seepage analysis
7. March 2004 Record warm weather in California caused the reservoir to rise, forcing Carpi to alter the Phase 1 installation plan and reduce the quantity of installation
8. May 2004 Gannett Fleming seepage analysis recommended that the area for installation of geomembrane system be changed to maximise reduction in seepage
9. June 2004 PG&E and Carpi agreed to change the area for installation and revised pricing to reflect the changes
10. July 2004 Carpi revised production of geomembrane material for Phase 2
11. October 2004 Carpi mobilised back to site
12. October 2004 Forest fire near dam escalated into a 65km2 fire and forced evacuation of the site
13. November 2004 Carpi allowed back to Salt Springs to begin Phase 2 of project
14. December 2005 Shutdown for holiday break
15. January 2005 Resumption of work delayed due to heavy snows
16. March 2005 Geomembrane installation in area 1146m to 1155m completed
17. May 2005 Geomembrane installation completed on schedule 1146m to 1192m elevation