Peter Mainz, president and CEO of Sensus, said: “We’re experiencing the largest single grid modernization investment in US history.

“We currently have approximately 200 individual AMI smart grid deployment projects across water, electric, and gas utilities that are either on their way or that have been completed throughout the US and Canada. These projects, which are being implemented by utilities ranging in size from several thousand to several million SmartPoint devices, are, along with hitting our four million mark, evidence of the range and scalability of our technology solution.”

The FlexNet system offers two watts of power for the transmission of data, statistics, and other usage information for utilities and consumers. Further, its primary-use FCC licensed spectrum provides value added features, including customer education, conservation, utility application interfaces, and integration with home area networks.

Sensus is a technology and communications company providing data collection and metering solutions for water, gas and electric utilities. Sensus supports utilities in the deployment of their individual smart grid projects over the past few years.