Typical application areas are substitution of several single inertial sensors in vehicles, back-up in heading systems, automotive black boxes and motion control for robots.


For easy use the 6DoF-IMU offers two standard interfaces, SPI and UART. The MEMS sensors used in the IMU guarantee a high shock resistance of 1500g in operation and 2000g unpowered. Due to the low noise design of the angular rate and the acceleration sensors the IMU features a high dynamic-range; the effective number of bits is 10 at a measurement range of ±300°/s and ±5g, respectively. The 6DoF-IMU is fully temperature compensated from 25°C to +85°C. The maximum offset is ±1.5°/s and ±0.11g, respectively, for all operating conditions.

The PCB version of the IMU is suited for fast adaptation to customer specific applications and for small and medium- series production. For high volume production SensorDynamics also offers a 6DoF-IMU in a stable package.