Located in Anwen, Qijiang district, the approximately RMB4.67bn (S$966.5m) power plant is developed by ChongQing SongZao Sembcorp Electric Power.

ChongQing SongZao Sembcorp Electric Power is owned by Sembcorp’s wholly-owned subsidiary Sembcorp (China) with 49% stake and Chongqing Energy Investment Group’s subsidiary Chongqing Songzao Coal and Power with 51% interest.

The power generation facility features supercritical technology and is said to be one of the most efficient power plants in Chongqing.

The first 660MW unit of the power plant was commission in November 2016.

In addition to helping in meeting rising power demand in Chongqing, the power plant supports the development and growth of Chongqing’s economy.

Sembcorp group president and CEO Tang Kin Fei said: “The successful completion of the power plant marks an important milestone for Sembcorp in our expansion of our energy portfolio in China.

“The project, which was completed ahead of schedule, bears testimony to the successful cooperation between Sembcorp and Chongqing Energy Investment Group. The power plant will also help to meet the increasing power needs in Chongqing.”

ChongQing SongZao Sembcorp Electric Power currently operates an adjacent 300-megawatt coal-fired power plant.

Sembcorp said it currently operates 2,856MW of thermal and renewable power capacity in China. The projects are either in operation or under development.