Southern Energy Management (SEM), a sustainable energy company offering energy efficiency services, has launched a new line of services in the Triangle region of North Carolina to help people improve the energy efficiency of homes, while enhancing comfort and health.

Through the new service called Home Performance Analysis and Home Performance Improvements, the company will provide homeowners with an analysis of their home, and accordingly make suggestions to cut the home’s energy usage and save money on energy bills.

The analysis, which has a base price of $395, will identify sources of unwanted airflow and heat loss and pinpoint the causes of excess moisture to provide clients with a recommended action plan specific to each home to improve energy efficiency.

The new energy efficiency services, which have undergone months of testing prior to the launch, will enable SEM to serve the residential market, helping owners save energy, while increasing home comfort.

SEM co-founder Bob Kingery said that the new services align perfectly with the company’s goal of helping people make smart energy choices.

“Homeowners can save on their utility bills and reduce their carbon footprint at the same time, something we’ve been doing with commercial buildings for a long time to create better work environments,” Kingery said.