Secova Metals has announced the completion of a UAV-MAGTM Survey flown by Pioneer Aerial on the Duvay/Chenier project (Duvay), located 15 km northeast of Amos, Quebec.

The Company would also like to provide its investors, stakeholders and the public with additional details on the Duvay drilling program.

Pioneer Aerial Completes High-Resolution UAV-MAG Survey

The Company flew seven discrete survey blocks over priority areas to obtain high-resolution magnetic data. The data collected is currently being processed but preliminary data is already being utilized for the ongoing drill program. The detailed magnetic information will be integrated with existing information to further define structures which may host mineralization. Additionally, the information will be used to more precisely locate planned drill holes testing magnetic and structural targets on the Lake Obalski area of the Duvay/Chenier project in the current drilling campaign.

The high-resolution UAV-MAG survey was performed from July 6th – 14th and consists of 662 tightly spaced line kilometers in seven survey blocks representing priority areas of the property requiring detailed magnetic data. The survey measures the total magnetic intensity (TMI) with GPS readings at every 0.1 second (1 m) using an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). The plotted total magnetic values were corrected for diurnal variations using readings taken every 6 seconds by a synchronized local base station. Line spacing was 20 m with 150 m spaced tie lines. Final results are currently being processed and are expected within 10 days, and the Company is confident that further, previously untested areas on the Duvay/Chenier claims will provide further drilling targets for subsequent drill programs.

Duvay Exploration and Drilling Program

Phase 1 of the drilling program has commenced with drill and forest use permits having been received for the proposed work. The Phase 1 program comprises 3,500 metres of drilling targeting the high-priority Duvay Zone Principal, and extending northwest along the main Duvay Shear to exploration targets near Lake Obalski. The Company plans prospecting, mapping, sampling and other surface work on additional targets within the property simultaneous with the drilling. Prospecting, mapping, and field inspection has commenced to define the most promising new targets for drilling.

A second phase of the exploration program has been recommended to follow the initial drill program, consisting of additional drilling (including large diameter drill holes) and bulk sampling, depending on the results of the first phase.