Revenue growth over the financial year breaks down by Group division as follows:

Thermal: EUR66.8 million year-on-year growth to EUR278.2 million, with 85%stemming from increased prices of energy-related raw materials, with the balance being due, in part, to the full-year impact of commissioning the Galion combustion turbine in Martinique in April 2007 and more favourable operating conditions in 2008.

Wind: EUR2.8 million growth to EUR4.2 million, due to the commissioning of new wind farms in 2007 by Eoliennes de Marne et Moselle and Eoliennes de Clamanges et Villeseneux subsidiaries.

Photovoltaic: EUR19 million growth, EUR14.6 million coming from sales of solar panels and EUR4.4 million from business growth generated in 2007 and 2008 from commissioning new power plants.

Holding: EUR13.9 million decline, EUR8.5 million resulting from the expiration of the Rhodia-Roussillon contract on September, 30th, 2007 and EUR4.5 million coming from the reclassification of capitalised production.

Fourth quarter revenues 2008 and operations

Fourth quarter sales reached EUR92.1 million, a 46.9% increase compared to the EUR62.7 million achieved during the same period of the previous financial year.

Séchilienne-Sidec commissioned several production units during the quarter:

Wind energy: a 10 MW wind farm,

Solar energy: sites for a total of 1.1 MW.

As of December, 31, 2008, Sechilienne-Sidec Group companies operate a total of 579.4 MW (Group share: 384.4 MW), of which 529 MW thermal, 42.5 MW wind and 7.9 MW photovoltaic.

An alternator breakdown affecting a generating unit (28 MW) of the CTBR-1 power plant on Reunion Island occurred at the very end of December. The restart is scheduled for the end of March 2009. The event will have a limited financial impact in 2009, restricted to the applicable deductible of the insurance on operating losses. A provision was established for uninsured repair costs in the 2008 financial statements.

During the quarter, Séchilienne-Sidec completed the construction of several solar power production units for a total of 10 MW. These units are currently waiting to be connected to the EDF power supply network for activation.

Work in progress at end 2008 included:

Thermal energy: CARAIBES ENERGIE in Guadeloupe (38 MW), which obtained a building permit during the quarter,

Solar energy: construction of several solar power plants of a total power of 2.5 MW.

During the last quarter of 2008, Séchilienne-Sidec’s teams applied for building permits for solar power plants totalling 53.7 MW. The total portfolio of building permits 2 granted and in process thus increased to 105.9 MW at December 31, 2008 (89.9 MW for solar power and 16 MW for wind power).

Sechilienne-Sidec also announces favourable answers from the French Minister for Budget and Public Finances regarding the implementation in 2008 of tax incentives for investments in French Overseas territories in relation to its construction programmes. These decisions primarily relate to the CARAIBES ENERGIE thermal power plant currently under construction, as well as investments in solar power capacity of a total power of 10 MW.

The Reunion Island Regional Authority decided to introduce, as of April 1, 2009, a 6.5% duty on coal imports for thermal power stations. The financial consequences for the group will depend on the conclusions of ongoing legal and tax assessments.

Impact of the general economic environment

Even if the group confirms tightening conditions to access long-term credit, the group is still obtaining financing for its projects on acceptable terms and conditions.

Thus, several loan agreements or financing term sheets have been entered into or received since the start of 2009. This enables the Group to fulfil the required bank debts for the financing (subject to tax incentives approval) of new solar power stations with a capacity of 18 MW, as well as an additional EUR6 million for the financing of CARAIBES ENERGIE power plant, which brings the residual financing requirements for this investment to EUR24 million.