BC Hydro is using S&C Electric’s PureWave storage management system (SMS) to reduce the length and frequency of power outages in Field, British Columbia, Canada.

Operational since July 2013, the system integrates a 1MW sodium-sulfur battery bank to the power grid to enable supply of up to seven hours of clean back-up power in an event of power grid disruption, and also provides peak shaving on a daily basis.

S&C Renewable Energy and Energy Storage business development director Dan Girard said, "The energy storage system provides a clean source of back-up power for Field, greatly improving power reliability while reducing the environmental impact of other back-up power supply options like diesel generators."

The system helped Field avoid an outage by supplying battery power for a total of 40 hours during the first six months of its operation.

Designed for connecting energy storage systems to the grid, PureWave’s advanced control systems manage charging and discharging of energy storage systems to ensure optimal performance in various applications.

The applications range from peak shaving to renewables integration to islanded, microgrid systems.

Field relies on a single 55km overhead distribution line to deliver power from the substation in Golden, British Columbia, to the town.