Scotland is still undecided on the future of nuclear power in the country despite the publication of a report claiming that radioactive waste can be safely stored deep underground.

The Scottish first minister, Jack McConnell, came under increased pressure from political opponents following the report from the independent committee on radioactive waste management. The report claims that geological disposal – burying nuclear waste – is the best available approach for managing waste and should be implemented as soon as possible.

Mr McConnell has been under pressure to make a decision on whether to replace ageing reactors in Scotland, but deferred a decision until a consensus could be reached on how best to dispose of nuclear waste. Yet despite the report’s conclusion, a spokesman for the minister said that the issue was still unresolved and needed to be looked at by ministers, presumably in London.

Robin Harper, co-convener of the Scottish Green Party, said: It is clear that there is still no solution to the problem of nuclear waste. What is needed now is the political willpower to seriously advance renewable energy and energy efficiency.

The report also called for a robust program of interim storage in case of delay or failure in the depository scheme.