The Scottish parliament has revealed that it has reached its target of generating 18% of Scotland's energy from renewables three years ahead of the planned timetable. The news comes as the Executive has announced total investments of GBP13 million in marine energy projects.

Deputy first minister Nicol Stephen said that the initial fund of GBP8 million was being increased by GBP5.15 million to meet demand, taking the Scottish state support for marine energy programs past the GBP13 million mark.

The funding will be supplemented by an additional GBP500,000 to develop a testing berth at the European Marine Energy Centre in Orkney.

Mr Stephen said: Today marks a vital milestone in Scotland’s drive to be the world leader in the development of marine renewables. I am also very pleased to confirm that we are able to fund an additional GBP5 million worth of projects: GBP13 million of new investment in world-class wave and tidal projects here in Scotland.

A portion of the Executive funding will go to a GBP10 million wave project recently announced by ScottishPower. The program, which will be the world’s largest wave power endeavor, will be located off the coast of Orkney.