Built at the Oncor’s System Operating Services Facility (SOSF) near Lancaster, Texas, the microgrid aim to maximize installed energy storage, renewable generation and improve reliability.

Featuring four interconnected microgrids, the new system uses nine different distributed generation sources, including two solar photovoltaic arrays, a microturbine, two energy storage units and four generators.

S&C Microgrid Business Development director David Chiesa said: "Improving power reliability and optimizing generation assets requires disruptive technologies that allow customers to work on and off the grid.

"Oncor’s microgrid is showing the world how utilities can help their communities in the future."

Schneider Electric programme director Microgrid Philip Barton said: "By combining S&C’s solutions with Schneider Electric’s PowerLogic load preservation system, microgrid controller and DSO, I am confident that Oncor’s system is one of the most advanced and comprehensive microgrids in the market today."

Additionally, S&C and Schneider Electric have develop a microgrid demonstration facility, known as Oncor’s Technology Demonstration and Education Center (TDEC), on the SOSF campus aimed to educate and demonstrate the benefits of microgrids.

The Center, which demonstrates the new technology that Oncor is using on their system, will also serve as the SOSF microgrid control center.