The PNM prosperity energy storage project can produce 500kW of power.

High-tech batteries will be used at the project to create firm and dispatchable energy derived from a renewable energy source.

For the solar generation process, the PureWave SMS smoothes the output from solar panels, mitigating potential variations brought on by resource intermittency, to ensure continued grid reliability and stability.

Using the PureWave SMS, the stored solar energy will be dispatched at times of peak demand, eliminating the need to use carbon-emitting generation for this purpose.

S&C Power Quality Products vice president Jim Sember said energy storage protects the stability of the grid, ensures a reliable energy supply and mitigates the need to rely on carbon-emitting generation for ancillary grid services.

The system’s built-in logic ensures efficient charging of the batteries during times of peak solar energy production, and manages the discharging process to instantaneously dispatch energy to smooth variations in energy output from the photovoltaic panels.

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