The open season is part of the company’s ongoing evaluation of a proposed underground natural gas storage and hub development project, located west of Perryville in Louisiana.

The proposed project initially provides up to 25bcf of working gas capacity with the ability to expand to 40bcf as dictated by market demand.

Firm injection and withdrawal capabilities of 250mmcfd and 625mmcfd, respectively, provide capabilities to Sawgrass’ customers to cycle their storage inventories up to 3.5 times per year, the company said.

The gas reservoir project located in Lincoln and Union Parishes includes a storage and gas handling facility near Downsville, a dual (high and low pressure) header system with compression in the heart of the Perryville region, and 27 miles of 30 inch pipeline connecting the storage complex to the header system.

In addition to the firm storage services described in the open season, Sawgrass also proposes to offer a complete menu of hub services including wheeling between the various pipeline interconnections.

The open season will extend through 16 November of this year.

Sawgrass Storage is a limited liability company, which develops and operates natural gas storage fields.