SavWatt USA will install Eco-Pole street light at Washington, DC park and at State University Long Island, New York, US.

An Eco-Pole will be installed at Washington, DC park facility, while another Eco-Pole will be installed at the University’s new Energy Building at Stony Brook.

The Eco-Pole is an energy efficient LED street light that uses wind and solar technology for its energy source and does not require any connection to the electrical grid.

The Washington, DC Park facility will be managed by the Department of Transportation where security lighting is urgently needed and where the Eco-Pole can easily be installed without the requirement of underground electrical wires, the company said.

The self energized, free-standing 60W LED outdoor lighting system replaces traditional, inefficient 250W Metal Halide outdoor lighting to totally eliminate energy costs and reduce our carbon footprint.

SavWatt is engaged in developing energy-efficient and cost-effective LED lighting solutions.