On March the 27, 2010, the Zavadil #1 well was placed online and closely monitored under full electric power. The well has continued to operate efficiently to this date. This is the second producing well that the company has operating under full electric power. Savoy unveiled its strategy to reduce environmental impacts and operating costs by converting all of its wells to operate under electric power.

Savoy Energy will now begin the process to convert its Ali-O #1 oil well to operate under full electric power. This well conversion is estimated to be complete within the next three months. The company’s Ali-O well is the farthest from an electrical source and will require more resources to convert due to the length of additional power lines needed to be brought to the site.

Arthur Bertagnolli, CEO Savoy Energy, said: “These enhancements to the wells will minimize operating costs and optimize efficiency thus allowing us to apply savings generated toward acquiring new prospects.”