The terminal is in direct connection with the main track line of BNSF Railway, which serves the Savage Bakken Petroleum Services Hub and enables it to deliver crude to the markets of east, west, and gulf coast.

The Trenton terminal will provide inbound gathering access through truck receiving stations, pipeline connections and crude oil tankage and outbound delivery via a double loop track capable of holding two 118 car unit trains.

Savage business development senior vice president Nathan Savage said the company recognized the need for crude transportation services in the Williston Basin and constructed o Trenton terminal.

"The terminal adds crude by rail transportation to the area’s existing pipeline capacity, to maximize the options producers have to get crude to refineries," Savage added.

"We are excited to provide a unique open terminal that will meet a critical need in the oil industry."

BNSF group industrial products vice president Dave Garin said, "Rail provides a more flexible, long-term, economical option to ship crude oil to destination markets throughout the East, West and Gulf coasts and along the Mississippi River."

The Trenton terminal can be further developed to accommodate the receiving and handling of the growing demand of oilfield material and crude oil.