The 40 rooftop projects under development by the Ozz Solar program will utilize Satcon’s PowerGate Plus 250kW and 100kW solar PV inverters, customized for 600 VAC, which became generally available in January of 2010.

Jonathan Goldman, executive vice president of Ozz Solar, said: “These installations mark the beginning of major growth for large scale, grid-tied rooftop solar power plants in Canada and are a significant step in the implementation of Ontario’s feed-in tariff program.

“These projects required the most advanced, highest performing, and most reliable systems that could deliver reliable performance in the harsh Ontario climate. Satcon’s best-in-class solutions and their commitment to partner with us to drive value from the design stages over the entire lifespan of the project were the key factors in our decision to partner with them.”

The PowerGate Plus 250kW and 100kW 600 VAC output inverters meet all requirements mandated under FIT regulations, and are specially designed to operate at full performance at temperatures as low as negative 40 degrees Celsius/negative 40 degrees Fahrenheit, Satcon said. In addition, the PowerGate Plus systems will be manufactured in Burlington, Ontario.