Brazil’s Salto Caixas plant was officially inaugurated on 26 March, according to COPEL, on schedule for the planned 50 month construction period.

Work on the 1240MW plant began in January 1995, and the first 310MW Francis turbine went on line on 18 February this year. Common excavation, open rock excavation and roller compacted concrete work is now almost concluded. Remaining work includes some second-stage concrete for unit 3 and 4 and to the plug of the sluiceways.

Commercial generation for unit 2 is scheduled for mid-May, and units 3 and 4 are due to follow at 90-day intervals. Contractors and suppliers working to complete the plant, described as ‘state of the art’, include:

•Construction works: DM Constructors de Obras.

•Project design: Intertechne, Leme, Engevix, Esteio.

•Turbines: Ansaldo, Coemsa/Kvaerner.

•Generators: ABB, Coemsa, Bardella.

•Penstocks: BSA, Coemsa, Barefame.

•525kV transformers: ABB.

•SF6 gas insulated switchyard: Toshiba, Mitsui.

•Electromechanical equipment erection: Sade Vigesa, Inepar.