Building on Saft’s history using flight-proven Li-ion batteries on geosynchronous earth orbit communications satellites, this delivery marks Saft’s US contract for Li-ion satellite batteries.

The satellites are among the largest and most powerful ever built and will be used to help SkyTerra (formerly Mobile Satellite Ventures) provide seamless coverage over an advanced telecommunications network. Saft designed the VES140 40 Ah Li-ion cells to offer a low-weight, on-board source of power for the satellites’ critical systems. With up to 18 years of battery life, the rechargeable Li-ion cells will ensure continuous, reliable operation of the satellites at times when the solar panels are in eclipse.

“Saft’s successful delivery of these powerful and mission critical Li-ion batteries further validates our ability to design and build superior battery systems capable of meeting our customers’ needs,” stated Tom Alcide, president of Saft America and general manager for Saft’s Specialty Battery Group. “We are pleased that Boeing once again trusted Saft’s expertise for this breakthrough program and we are confident that our batteries will contribute to the mission’s success.”

SkyTerra is continuing the development of its integrated satellite-cellular communications network. Based on SkyTerra’s patented ancillary terrestrial component (ATC) technology, the network is expected to deliver reliable, advanced and ubiquitous wireless coverage throughout North America. When completed, the network will transform communications in areas such as public safety, homeland security, telematics, transportation and entertainment, by providing interoperable, user-friendly and feature-rich voice and high-speed data services.