Dukhan oil field

The Sunica.plus batteries will be installed at around 775 solar powered wellhead industrial control systems serving Qatar Petroleum’s Dukhan Oilfield.

This is part of engineering firm Kentz’s $190m contract for Qatar Petroleum to provide a dedicated Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) network infrastructure to monitor the wellheads in the Dukhan Oilfield from designated stations.

Kentz is also required to prevent external corrosion damage to the oilfield’s well casings by installing an impressed current cathodic protection system.

The SCADA network and the corrosion protection systems will be powered by solar photovoltaic panels working in combination with the Sunica.plus batteries to provide the essential energy storage and backup power to ensure their total continuity of operation.

Saft claims that the Sunica.plus battery’s nickel-based construction and high cycling capability ensures long life and low maintenance requirements, even when subjected to erratic charging conditions and operating temperatures fluctuating from – 20°C to + 50°C.

Saft Industrial Battery Group Division general manager Xavier Delacroix said: "Thousands of Saft Sunica.plus batteries are currently deployed at off-grid solar powered sites around the world, where they have demonstrated unrivalled performance and long-life.

"Kentz’s decision to select them for this very prestigious project for Qatar Petroleum’s Dukhan oilfield is further confirmation that Sunica.plus is the ideal choice for remote, hard to access installations where absolute reliability is essential and routine maintenance is time-consuming and expensive."

Image: Dukhan Oil Field. Photo: courtesy of Business Wire.