As per the agreed terms, Saft will develop an advanced Li-ion technology for Lockheed Martin’s 5th Gen F-35 Lightning II.

Saft noted that the new battery will provide in-flight emergency backup power to the aircraft’s critical systems, while each ship set consists of one JSF 270V and one JSF 28V battery per aircraft.

According to the company, the 270V battery has a capacity of 1750Wh, while the 28V battery has a capacity of 900Wh.

Commenting on the contract, Saft Specialty Battery Group general manager Thomas Alcide said by working on the F-35 program, Saft has secured an opportunity to advance the role of Li-ion solutions in an advanced aircraft.

"Saft is proud of our long history of remaining at the forefront of U.S. military technology and providing unmatched performance and solutions where batteries are most critical," added Alcide.