The California Smart Grid Center at Sac State will use the grant to identify and solve potential problems with the state’s electrical distribution system and help the state meet its goal of adding 20GW of renewable and distributed generation to the grid by 2020.

California Smart Grid Center will use CEC grants to integrate renewable energy to the electric grid, and find better ways to utilize green energy and reduce the impact on electrical utilities.

Using the aid, Sacramento University is expected to identify electrical grid cyber-security issues to prevent the external threats to the electrical grid and keep it secure and private.

The grant will also be used to design and test a customer-premise network applicable to residential and commercial buildings and provide real-time control over energy usage.

Sacramento Univerity California Smart Grid Center director and Engineering and Computer Science dean Emir José Macari said, "We want to empower the public to make better use of their electricity, which will result in a cost savings to them and a smaller carbon footprint."