Russian state nuclear corporation Rosatom will make a decision on the construction of the BN-1200 fast reactor in 2019, according to Rosatom director general Sergei Kiriyenko. He told a press conference in Yekaterinburg on 23 June: "According to our estimates, it will take three years to adapt the BN-800 as the BN-1200 must contain the fundamental technological differences. We need to work out a new type of fuel, which is currently being improved, as well as all the on site technology required to implement a closed fuel cycle." The new unit will be built as unit 5 at the Beloyarsk NPP at Zarechny in Sverdlovsk Oblast. The BN-800 is installed at unit 4 of the plant. "My point of view is that the BN-1200 will be built in Zarechny and we will have here a cluster of fast neutron technology."