Inter-Regional Distribution Grid Company (IDGC) of Centre Moscow will implement Telvent's advanced distribution management system (DMS) solution to enhance the reliability of its electrical grid.

With the implementation of this smart grid solution, the utility will be able to reduce power losses and operational costs, while improving power quality.

With Telvent’s solution, IDGC expects to get full network monitoring and control in one complete system to efficiently plan, design, and operate a smart grid to better serve its vast consumer territory.

IDGC and Telvent began the first of a three-phase pilot program in November 2010 and expect to complete the DMS implementation by January 2012.

To enhance its network reliability and efficiency, IDGC will integrate Telvent DMS with existing components of its infrastructure, including supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA), outage management system and customer relationship management software.

This integration will provide a visual and detailed model of the distribution network to achieve advanced network analysis, fault management and energy analysis on a local and central level.

Telvent is an IT solutions and business information services provider.